Our Farewell

I used to let the words
Flow from my mouth
And had these feelings
Pouring out.
I never knew it'd come to this day
we'd part, and walk our separate ways.
The feeling aren't there
I hate to blame you,
Like If I was ashamed to be around you.
My heart doesn't pound anymore, because it hasn't found
A home to stay.
I search for your love,
In the wrong places sometimes,
I just wish I could fly away to this heavenly place.
There I could be loved and spread my wings and fly like a dove.
Just let me say, ''You're the one I love.
No one ever can replace you.''
Not a moment or your presence,
But I guess I'll go my way, but need to hear you say,
''Sweet love,'' '' Sweet love,'' and the tears roll from your eyes
like a stone...and they just drop.
The music just stops.
The flowers just cry within your pretty eyes
Skies become darken as you just hearken.
On my words what left to say?
It's nothing? But this,'' In the moment of time
We are dismissed from life.''
Still, our farewell flows from my mouth
And the feelings still pour out.

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