Our Father

He looks out of his window, a sad expression, peering out into space.
What are his sorrows, could we even guess?
He seems so empty, living there alone.
Where could it have gone, the spirit of one.
He calls out to his children one by one.
Children who now seem to have so little time of their own.
As if, somewhere lost in time, each had become independent and grown.
Whenever he thinks its time to depend on a bond...
Does it come back to haunt him...he who's love was reluctantly shown?
Regrets, are hard. Mistakes are too.
When he's found himself wrong, it may be too late...
to recapture his children's lost faith.
For a child, as an adult, memories can be cruel.
No hugs of comfort and no shared tears of joy...wondering always...
If the man they once loved had ever truly cared.
Later is here... he must feel it throughout.
Painful regrets consume him, day in and day out.
Can he catch up..to those childhood times he has lost?
Is it too late,
to learn of his children and what is to be their fate.
As time has passed him by, it becomes clear.
It's time that they bond.
Trying to forget the past..
and begin as one.

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