Our Final Adieu

By gouldz   

Without warning you came - fortuitous
Baring your corporeal psyche - unclad
Without inhibitions i surrender
Bequeathing my all in your arms.

With clear sagacity - im aware
Conscious of things forbidden
Heedles to detrimental consequences
Carelessly played - determined not to get burned.

Gambled and unafraid - I risk
Clandestinely you took my heart - undisclosed
What we have is a fleeting romance
Born out of elusive yearning but not out of love.

A dalliance i will always recall
To lament is never perceived
You unceasingly exist in the realms of my sanity
Helpless - forbidden, restricted and concealed
I can only mourn on every thoughts of you

I have kissed you one last kiss
And felt your one last touch
Gone and never to return - i acquiese
From here and now - im drifting from our last goodbye.

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(In conclusion of our dalliant love)