Our Future

I have been told many times,
You should be a shining star.
You should be yourself all of the time,
And never forget who you are.

But there is a flaw in that theory,
For I am confused and in a jam,
Because I’m trying to figure who I want to be,
And I’m discovering who I am.

Currently I’m a teenager,
And I don’t know what lies ahead,
Looking in the past I remember great memories
And all the tears we have shed.

From switching to 5 schools,
And going through dozens of friends,
I’m thinking about my career,
And what I will do until the end.

People around me seem to have it,
And are sure about their destiny.
But while they are corporate business owners
I still won’t know my identity.

I don’t like when people ask me
What college I will go to,
What I want to be when I grow up,
Or what dreams will come true.

Yet now that I think about it,
It’s not about what you reply,
It’s about what you want to accomplish,
And you must let your imagination fly.

While society is doing this and that,
And walking to and fro,
I’m going to be trying my best,
To go as far as I can go.

For we are creative and unique,
And we should do our best and always try,
For we know that no one can stop us,
And the limit is the sky.

I am not going to follow the crowd,
And I will not do the same.
I am not going to act as society
And go the common way.

I am going to be confident,
And do the extraordinary things I know I can,
I am going to succeed above all else
And be proud of the day I began.

So now I can promise you
That I have a bright destiny,
And I will try my very best
To know the rest of me.

Because while people are out wishing
And dreaming that they will go far,
Be yourself, be motivated,
And discover who you are.

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