Our Future?

In Mexico it is illegal to own a gun.
The government takes all the guns and, dismantles them to make weapons for their army.
In 2012 a man in Mexico asked the, Government to give him some of the guns, to make onto instruments.
They said yes.
Out there somewhere is a flute, or a drum set made of a riffle.
Something that brought fear and death is now bringing happiness and bestowing life upon someone.
Why can’t us as a society do this today?
Why can’t we pick someone up instead of killing their self esteem and throwing it away and so high that Neil Armstrong can’t reach it?
What if a riffle could hold a note instead of a bullet?
A riffle and music have two things in common.
They can both be shot into a crowd and make people move instantly.
Think if we could do this with our words.
Take our most destructive thoughts and feelings and turn it into love and happiness.
Instead of depressions and anxiety we helped people get to their dreams.
Instead of mass shootings and children who can even comprehend death seeing their best friend die beside them, maybe just maybe we will play music with these weapons to make happiness.
I saw a picture one time of a trumpet that had been made out of an assault riffle, and I thought to myself,
Maybe, maybe just one day our future children won’t be crying cause of a dead loved one but because the words that hear around them, the songs they hear around them brought them to tears.

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