Our Generation

Where the world is cruel and everybody is fake,
Nobody gives but everybody wants to take,
Lies are truth and truth are lies,
Everybody walks around with a disguise,
Hiding their intentions and masking their ways,
It's easy to say "Oh it's just a phase"
A phase that has lasted for way too long,
A phase where we use more then just a bong,
Drugs are harder and people are still curious,
Young folks feel like why are people so serious,
Parents don't parent, for parents are now teens,
Can somebody in the world please intervene?
Sex is more casual nobody wants commitment,
A faithful good man is really a figment,
Sex is believed to be emotionless nobody wants to accept truth,
With every new person you lay down with your only losing you,
Females standing in for men because MEN are absent,
And everybody is content that this is lacking,
Broken homes, and broken relations,
Everyday is more trying situations,
Take me back to the days where there was love and respect,
Take me back to the days where people tried to connect,
Their mind and souls and not just their bodies,
Where people were concerned with more then being naughty,
We lost focus and what is there to do,
To make a change in the world it will start with YOU.

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