Our Generation

Another body that's all I am.
I can never go out in the world..
For who I really am..
It's cold well I'm cold too..
No soul.. No, but I feel like, like
I'm told to, to lie
about the things that I really like.
Society doesn't except that.
You wanna be down.
You wanna be cool.
But really I'm just
trynna stay in school .
I'm trying to expand my creation.
My knowledge
My wisdom
My vocabulary to please
The big man.
Because if I talk with slang
It sounds like I'm stupid.
But if I talk with such manners
I think I'm the shit.
But if I'm pop locking
With my friends
I'm sure to get hitched.
Yet if I don't do those things
I'm a lame.
But if I do that shit
"I can't be contained"
This generation
is so damn judgmental.
We live for hope
But we hope for the worse.
We talk about working hard.
Yet we never wanna work.
We talk about our goals.
Yet have no way of achieving it.
This generation is on the break of becoming what could of been.
Moral of the story talk with your mind and your heart.
Not the latest fashion

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This Poems Story

This poem was written in October of 2015. At the time I was very emotional about everything that was happening within my generation, even till this day I believe that this is one of my most realest works.