For The Ignorants

The Foetus is that of a Female, Their Smile disappears as they wanted a Male,
They try to abort immediately, the foetus cries speechlessly.

She says” I want to study and learn” They put down her yearn,
You are a Girl, do the house chores, we’ll educate our Boy, He’ll play multiple roles.

She is always dominated; she suffers in pain and hatred,
Can’t say a word, She is controlled; She is done with violence in her world.

They don’t know her importance, Feels she is a burden,
They are creatures of backward mindset; they don’t want a chance to reset.

For The Enlightened

Hey, it a Baby Girl, Celebrates with Joy and Laughter,
Melts Mom’s Heart and holds Dad’s fingers; she smiles because she belongs here.

Mom says “She’s gentle and fragile”, Dad says “She’s smart, fierce and versatile”
She learns, she’s an intellect, she owns it and she’s a prefect

She is protected because she’s precious; He gets jealous cause she leaves us breathless,
She is allowed to dream, she is supported on and off screen

She has her own identity, Wants to put an end to gender disparity,
She is encouraged and empowered, she raises awareness and she’s not a coward

She is vulnerable, At times feels miserable,
But she is unstoppable, and you are not questionable
Hey, watch out for her, she is a Born Racer,
As Perfect as a Pearl, You Go GIRL!

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