Our hell has arrived

Since fear is controlling my arteries
I’m intimidated by a great power called “misery”
Since pain became the language of a teen
And adults are wondering why they’re here
Since morals became a meme
As long as you criticize them, you’ll not be eaten

Since the rich envy the poor
For one smile, they hang on for
Since the mother threw her child in a bore
And the widow wishes she had a core
Since you’re respected the more you roar
Since you’re labeled for what you adore

Since a child knows how to deceive
The youths are experts at letting go of their dreams
Since we amuse watching animals in fear
We are powerful, those creatures are not free
Since not only the wall has an ear
Inside each of us, two demons appear

Will your heart balance the plume?
Will you be exempted from the doom?
Will one good thing help you to bloom?
Did unforgiving decorate your tomb?

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This Poems Story

This poem talk about the heartbreaking issues happening around the world, and how I feel towards them.