Our heroes back in Memorial Day

"Our Heroes Came back in Memorial Day"

There was strange hold that day that we met!
I still imagine you smile.
I would happened to notice how proud and gallant you look
In you uniform.
I know you were representing our country with dignity!
I saw you waving goodbye to many people.
Your little girl and Pony were holding up to
your clothes and pulling them...
You stopped for a second and bended to carry her and to pet Pony.
on its head...
It was an inspirational moment of our lives...
And I hold down to this memories closer and remembering your eyes.
I saw tears coming out of your eyes while you getting into the plane.
You turned your head and smile.
I saw the glorious sky brighter side...
I felt your courage and your passion in each of your insignia and the
beautiful medal in your military bonnet.

I knew you will come back.
you will be here in " Memorial Day"
As the promise we have made.
" Thank you Lord"...I heard you singing," for our family and friends,
for our country with freedom and liberty.
Thank you Lord for our warriors,
who with courage defends our rights.
Thank you for our democracy and solidarism in our nation.
Holding up to our dears one with a solemn prayer to God.
We pray for our freedom and for our great military who have perished with
honor and defending our country with heroism and with their own lives!

Let's keep them in our soul.
Knowing that they have made us stronger
and we never will forget them...
As we gather here today to honor them and we pray.
" Thank you Lord and bless our country, bless our heroes
And bless us in Memorial Day!"

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