Our Heros

Our Hero's
They waited watching all the world keep the step it set.
And never once in sight of pain took issue with regret.
They waited watching all the world waste the precious things.
And watched it tear and maul the sight of lost and virile Kings.
They waited watching all the world mute unmeasured cries.
And turned about, their naked hearts and dreampt of dangerous skies.
And so they lead and so they stood and never once a lie.
And laid them down, and one by one, did watch the other die.
Our Kings, they came, and spoke and bled and left each day complete.
Their lives were spent, their bodies wrent, so we might miss defeat.
But saying this and speaking that, for bleeding lest we lose.
We've none so bright, not one of light, to fill their empty shoes.
So here we wait, and here we muse how was it that we killed,
all those that spent their lives for us, who's happiness they willed.
Oh easy here, come read the tome, remember those that lead.
We love the fact of day-to-day, but sing of times of need.
With mortgage, food, the moving moods, utilities and rent,
we'll praise those gallant men and girls, whose bodies ready spent.
Who's to come, when crisis calls, what avatars will rise?
Can we of taken middle-ground bleed and hold the skies?
No you say but others can with them we'll beg and plead,
and as they come and die for us, we'll sing the while they bleed.

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