Our History

We are the creatures molded from the clay
We fashion high the mountains of the river
We build the house in which our Lord will stay
We fight not to oppress but to deliver
We preach a life of simple moderation
We forge an empire so great and broad
We pray with humble hearts for our salvation
We crumble when we meet the Scourge of God
We spread our faith and wealth across the world
We set ablaze a powder fierce and black
We are the terror with a mast unfurled
We are the pious leading the attack
We are the fury from the East and North
We are the sick whose illness none can tame
We are the blood which brings the produce forth
We are the city with a different name
We cross the seas and bridge the great divide
We scan the skies and calculate their motion
We lay in marble our beloved bride
We institute a democratic notion
We are the land where sun doth always shine
We threaten to engulf the world in fire
We take a giant leap for all mankind
We shrink the earth with satellites and wire
We are not gods. We do the best we can
We are but all we are and we are man

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This Poems Story

Were I asked to list off words describing myself, "historian" would come to mind long before "poet." I pen times far more often than rhymes. However, as far as I'm concerned, the hundred billion lives that have walked this earth are the most beautiful verses ever composed, and my job is to help people see that. In the few lines above I've attempted to display the whole spectrum of human experience through twenty-four iconic events that shaped who we are today. More ambitiously, in the final two lines I've tried to summaraize the Great Poem himself.