Our Horizon

It was in a dream that it first appeared,
you both were gone or so I had heard.
It was beauty unlike I had ever seen,
this place you both brought me as I would dream.

I was sat on a cliff the likes of which are rarely seen,
sat legs crossed Indian style my eyes surly agleam.
The grass behind me which had been quite suddenly awoke,
your message which you could give the grass spoke.

Across my lap was where he lay,
his chosen place to always stay.
She was always that much more bold,
and took his back a throne for her own.

It was only when you were both at my side,
did our horizon comfort with pride.
Colours of so many one could only dream.

Our time together grows once more near,
As I hug you close I can't help but shed a tear.
As you ascend once more to Heaven above,
I can't help but shout out my love.

Our horizon shines so bright,
A sign you will come another night.
This dream of mine won't always be a dream,
For up in Heaven you sit awaiting my figure to be seen.

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