Our House

Our house ain’t dirty
It just look like its been lived in for a long time
We got all our stuff in here
But it’s our grief
Taking up the most space
It’s behind every door and up under every couch
It’s in the sink with the dirty dishes
And it’s down in my clothes hamper
Under my pile of dirty clothes
That I said I was gon’ wash three months ago
But I haven’t gotten to it
Just yet
Cuz every time I look at my dirty clothes
All I can see is the grief at the bottom
And I don’t want to dig through the sadness
Or the tears
This house ain’t dirty, mama
This house mighty clean if you ask me
Clean enough for us
Everyday, we wake up and push grief to the side
And fear too
We sweep and mop, but grief ain’t no stain
That comes out easy, no matter how hard you try to scrub
This house aint dirty
Everybody living in it
Just sad, that’s all.

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