Our humble heroes

From near and from far, you come to share
-Your stories of hurt and pain
You say that you've come because you care
Though the snow, the sleet and the rain
-At first your words...they bounce right off
I'm just tryin not to hear
You're different from me, you're weak, you're soft
You won't see me drop a tear
-Then suddenly like a brick on my head
You touch nerves I've never felt
The wall that I built, those lies that I've said
...they all start to melt
-How can this be?.. I heard myself say
We're from worlds and worlds apart
That story that you've brought us today
Has just grabbed a hold of my heart
-You've showed me a truth I've not wanted to see
...now my tears have started to flow
The name's not the same, but the story's of me
I wonder just how did you know
-"12 magic steps is the way to your peace"
...you say with a gleam in your eye
" if you want your pain and suffering to cease"
You tell me to let my past die

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