Our Humble Heroes

From near and from far you come to share
Your stories of hurt and pain
You say that you've come because you care
Through the sleet, the snow and the rain

At first your words, they bounce right off
I'm just tryin' not to hear
You're different from me, you're weak, you're soft
You won't see me drop a tear

Then suddenly, like a brick on my head
You touch nerves I've never felt
The wall that I've built, those lies that I've said
Slowly they all start to melt

You've showed me a truth I've not wanted to see
Now my tears have started to flow
The names not the same, but the stories the same
I wonder, " Just how did you know"

By the time that your done, I'm totally drained
Don't know when I've felt this damn good
I've a long way to go to get my mind trained
But, you've showed me just how that I could

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