Our incomplete story

The memories of my past still linger
Like a blanket of fog in a cold winter night
I can still remember that ice in your eyes

That had broken all my impregnable walls
One by one, piece by piece

Like a thief you had sneaked
With a flashlight that had illuminated my soul
You showed me fantasy, I was hypnotised
You showed me reality, I was mesmerised
With beautiful memories you had drilled a hole
In my old rusted heart

Your eyes had searched for hidden traces of sorrow
In the deepest chambers of my lonely soul
Just like gravity you had me falling hard
Eyes closed, no scars

But slowly the frozen petals began to wither
And the December leaves changed their colours
The memories once cherished were buried in mud
The smiles once shared evaporated into air
But the doors once opened, never closed again

Even if you aren't here to hold my hand now
Your promises are enough to fill the voids
Time has moved on, so have we
But for forever and after will I reminisce
Our incomplete story.

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