Our Kingdom

These halls of ornate gold, of pearls and lively souls
Have never felt this kind of absence until I was alone
Even the lanterns lit once bright only make its claim to dull
Their shadows casting pictures unworthy of these walls

They echo of a joy before, the amnesty at dawn,
Of wines drunken in clamor, of times that can't be bought
And though I bear the name, the crown, I drown within my wrongs
The morals and decrees I thought I held with honor gone

The draperies that shield the sun, the dust that fills the air
All reminiscent of the curse that stains the castle's dark affairs
These demons spoken in ancient myths, have found their way to me
Darkness has encompassed the shadows of this property

I long to see, the days when the sun would never set
When banners could be proudly waved across
When you were mine to hold and it was us
That held the name and this kingdom come

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