Our Last Goodbye

Here lies a mother,a best friend and daughter.
I sometimes wonder who knew her better.
For sure it wasn't you,my dearest father.

Seeing her lifeless body, makes me feel weaker.
Maybe this is a horrible dream and I'll wake up next to her.
Shake me awake and hold onto me tighter.
I pinch my arm hard, but nothing feels better.
My heart feels tight and there's an empty space, where I once had he.
Yes, this is my life now and nothing can make it easier.

Memories of you and me flood my mind making it harder.
We sat by the window watching the rain fall faster.
How can you abandon me when you swore we'de grow old together.

Mother please don't leave me here, cause you still matter.
My eyes betray me and large tears fall down on the open letter.
There's nothing left here for me, not even a father.
I know she will be okay, cause she's somewhere better.

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