Our Last Goodbye

she pulled her sleeve at attempt to hide.
to show she could be happy after his death.
to cover up the memories the scars had left behind,
would be to forget the foreign feeling,
of happiness he brought her.
little did she know there was only going to be darkness
before its dawn.

now and then she would pretend that, she wasn't getting so thin.
that it was a sin to move on,
from her love that she held with him. everyday now felt like a war,
although her heart was sore she was ready for battle.
she knew in her mind, body, and soul, that he was still with her.
his heart beating, his body warm, his love true.

their love bound them like salt in the sea,
she refused to move on with this life, that was an obvious lie.
she would look to the sky, feeling the heavy clouds pull her,
into the cold stormy darkness
of the overcoming woods, where she would soon be too lost,
lost in her own thoughts to find her way out.
she no longer felt the pain in her heart,
for there she knew she would be free at last,
free from all her heartbroken misery and loneliness.
she no longer cared about the life she'd left.
she only looked forward, to the dark mysterious future she now had.

she now knew the real meaning behind lost love and a true goodbye.

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