Our Lord, The King

Some see him, on different levels, some don't see him at all.
Some believe in him strongly, some don't believe he is, or ever was,
But to me he is everything and without him, nothing ever was, or ever will be.
But, I love glorifying him,our Lord, the king
Jehovah, by his name and the great I am.
He is my comforter, through hard times,of heart break, sorrow and pain.
Through times of joy, smiles and laughter, through all my ups and downs,he was the one holding my hand.
Through all my highs and lows and he tells me that he never leaves me alone.
I don't know why, nor do I understand, how some can't see, therefore choose not to believe, in our Lord, the king.
Just look around at this beautiful creation, he has given to us all.
The rivers,mountains, valleys and streams and how the seasons change,
Winter, spring, summer to fall and how he gives a brand new coat, for them all.
The flowers, in the spring, how they smell, when the winds blowing a soft warm breeze and the sun's kissing your cheeks.
Through the air you hear the sound, of song birds, singing his song of choice, as they fly, from hear to there, feeding their young, nestled In the trees.
Family and friends, oh, what joy they bring, but there, is no greater love, than that, of our Lord, the kings.
I've even heard, where researchers have found evidence, where he had parted the red sea.
He is there, through all that is and all that was and the Bible tells us his angels walk right here, on earth among us.
Ooh, how can some not believe, in our Lord the king?
Praise him, praise him, our Lord the king and sing praise unto his name.
One, Jehovah, Justice and the great I am.

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Inspired by the Lord in praising his name, brings me great joy.