Our love faded

The way you would look at me,
your eyes filled with hearts.
Your voice when you would sing to me
sounded like an angel.
I could listen to you all day long,
I could even fall asleep to it.
The way you would kiss my forehead,
You told me I was gonna be okay.
Your fngers running through my hair
made me feel safe.
Being in your arms made me feel alive.
I never wanted to walk away, but some thangs
didn't seem right.
Your love for me started to fade,
while mine fell deeper for you.
My heart would break,
I began to cry myself to sleep at night.
I never wanted our love to disappear.
I had to let go,
I hoped you would have changed.
I hoped you would have came back to love me again,
I was wrong.
While your love for me disappeared,
mine grew stronger for you.
I gave up on your lies,
I gave up on you.
I lost myself when I let you go,
but I did my best for you.
You had my everything,
it still wasn't enough.
The words "I love you" that you told me,
was that even real.
Every words I said to you I meant it all,
I wouldn't take anything back.
I don't regret telling you how I feel about you,
I regret letting you lead me on.
I do not regret loving you,
I regret letting you tell me lies.
I kept hoping my love
for you was enough,
I thought it was a forever thang. Yeah I miss you bad,
you don't miss me so
what's the point.
How much of our love was a lie,
I'm starting to believe I was
a cover up.
You told me I made you feel like you were on top of the world,
I believed you.
I mistook our love as a relationship, you thought
it was a game.
Our love was fake,
I was real and you
were lies.
We die apart, far apart we are, never together again.
Its for the best,
not for you but for me.
Our love disappeared as you gave up so easily

~MacKenzie Linden~

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