Our Love Story

Seeing her smile is the best part of my day.
When she walks into the room she takes my breathe away.
I hope she knows just how much she means to me.
Every day is paradise when spent in her company.
Her eyes shine bright like emerald green or a marble on the grass.
Its hard to believe that time has flown by so fast.
Seems like just yesterday you were standing in the snow.
My lips had parted only saying that Alyx doesn't like the cold.
How about the time we did laundry longer than we should.
I grabbed your face as you grabbed mine. Falling in love I knew we could.
We danced in the rain looking crazy i bet, but that's not even the best time.
The best had come next when you became mine.
A smile on my face was permanetly planted.
I never want to take our love for granted.
Times may get low and I'm being a jerk.
But when we are together we can always make things work.
Saying I Do was the icing on the cake.
Knowing that the path was wrong but never a mistake.
I don't live on what ifs but living right now.
Knowing that we will persevere some how.
When your hand brushes mine when your laying in bed.
My stomach dances and i then place my hand on your head.
Laying next to you I know I am safe.
Knowing you are my angel, my saving grace.
Our family maybe little but its something I can call mine.
Our lives are headed in the right direction this time.
My fairytale came true my red headed prince.
Skated in to my heart and have been there ever since.
You captured my heart and locked away the key.
I couldn't live without you and you couldnt live without me.
We grow stronger together and shall never part.
We are now as one and have stole each others heart.
I fell in love when i saw your sweet face.
And Always remember NOONE could EVER take your place.

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