Our Love Will Be Tremendous

I am free to love you
Come into the windows of my mind
I have enough love for the both of us now
I am free to love you
Beauty everywhere-in you, in me
Breezes of the flute softly from the trees
Singing from the voice of a robin
Woodpecker drumming with a moving beat
You kissed my neck that flexed my feet
I kissed your lips, and you felt the soothing heat
I told you I love you, and you loved me back
Over and over again
My love is tremendous-calms the ocean and excites the sea
My love causes miracles
Leave the memory behind, come fly with me
Let's dance into eternity
We'll pass the moon and go straight to the stars
We'll go to places the eye has not seen
But the heart knows well and is longing to go
We'll smile and laugh till our jaws ache with pain
Our love together will be tremendous
If only, only if you come fly with me
Leave the past behind, I got your back
Our love together is tremendous
Two eagles soaring in flight
We're gone

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