Our Minds

If we become mind-seekers, whenever we lose our minds,
If we hang in there like the monkeys that hang on branches,
We would scan through our thoughts and then begin to question,
'How long do we surmise that Darwin will hang in front of God?'

When our minds are imprisoned in cellphones, making them lose their freedom,
Can we still grab our minds somehow though we are then mindless?
Could we pursue happiness though the mind is stuck inside it?
Are we to chase our forefathers, begging them to unglue our minds?

We shouldn't worry, when our minds are entangled in the worldly realm.
Imagine the minds in the heavenly realm so diverse that we can't fathom;
For eons ago, their minds on earth were fashioned differently from modern times,
And imagine them witness the evolution of mind firsthand in heavenly realm!

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