Our Mother Earth

Oh! Our mother Earth,
On which we took our birth.
You gave us everything we need,
But in return for you what we did.
We just used you
Without thinking
I don't know what's happening nowadays,
All are using you like they are Earth's King.

Only 'cause of human
So many disasters are making destructions here hence...,
Oh! Our mother Earth,
It's time to wake up from sleeping,
Or else we are down to Earth,
It's time to do for you everything.

Only ' cause of us we are
bound ,
As we are suffering from COVID - 19
Today everywhere is just COVID-19; COVID - 19,
But don't worry we will win ;
we will win.

Oh mother it's time for you to heal,
And it's time for us to deal..
For you, renew.
Amazing things happens,
When one supports other person.

This corona will be
gone ,
This disasters will soon get
We will make together
such a bond,
And we will heal you take care of you with such a sober.

Moreover, you are our mother
We your children are there,
You didn't need anymore to bother,
We will now make you extraordinaire. #stayhomestaysafe #keepearthgreenandclean


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