Our New Conversation

Me and my wife, we'd talk about life,
Or what on the weekend to do.
But we had a tot, so like it or not,
Now we sit and we talk about poo.

Was it brown, was it green, or somewhere between?
Or a brand new, original hue?
A slight yellow tint? For you must give a hint
When discussing the color of poo.
Tell me, did it carry the scent of blueberry?
Or a smell that made you say "eww!" ?
Did it make your eyes cross? You seem at a loss
In describing the smell of the poo.
Was it solid or slack? Did it shoot up her back?
Was it chunky like rich, beefy stew?
Slimy and runny? Leave nothing out, honey,
When detailing the texture of poo.
What are the ranges of all diaper changes?
Was it one? Was it eight! Or just two?
You really must know, how much did they go
When tallying up all the poo.

You cry, "Not to us! We will not discuss
A topic that is so taboo."
But trust me my friend, it's the same in the end
Your discussions will center on poo.

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