Our New Nature


The flowers bloom with vibrant buds,
as leaves are coming in on the trees.
Hearing the birds chirp in distance,
while a flock of geese fly back home.
But this day will not stay as beautiful.
The TV comes on with trembling news,
disease and disaster are their words.
We believed it would pass in little time,
but more heart break seizes us.
A war between our brothers and sisters,
did we think it would get to this?
The wilderness rages at our actions,
destruction with mountains made of sun.
The seas cry rapidly with tears of pain,
washing away the nations as they rip apart.
They say these problems are irremediable,
that we will never be the same again.
But I believe we can be whole.
We will see the light at the end of the tunnel.
The loss we share will make us one,
as it was after the losses before us.
Many say that this is the end,
and it should be thought of as an end.
Because to start new, we need the old to end.

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