Our New Reality

They will come.
Some clutching their throats, coughing up phlegm,
and teetering on the edge of death,
in lines that go out emergency room doors.
We are told that there won’t be enough doctors.
There won’t be enough beds.
We are told to practice social distancing,
a fancy name for our own family prisons.
No socializing face to face with others
No going to restaurants
No going to work
No going to school
No coming within 6 feet of another human
We are told it’s too late for some of us
who already have it but don’t know it yet.
Whom it is silently and invisibly brewing inside,
steeping like a rich witch’s brew.
Every itch in our throats, sniffle, and snot dribble
arouses our shared fear and anxiety
that can be felt in the still air between each of us.




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