Our own mistake

The challenge we make
from our own mistakes
could be the reason
there’s so much hate.

i’m better than you
you’re better than me
no one seems to see,
that the best get beat
and the strong do lose
on any given day.

so we blindly decorate
fallen chocolate cake -
does making it pretty,
really change the taste?

so the hate that we make
from our own mistake;
is for us to overtake
our fellow man, our brothers,
and drown him in the lake
of our own stupidity.

life gives to all the capability to love,
a double dose is what we should take
to better this world and for everyone’s sake,
let’s not keep making the same mistake.

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    This Poems Story

    We must stop hating each other for no good reason. Come on people, all you have to do is give a little love and understanding.