Our Own Personal Neverland

a part of us is still out there
oblivious to the torment that we've come to share
dancing among the constellations with astounding grace
lost in the rapture of a never-ending embrace-
our own personal Neverland
a world where I will sing to our children as I've always said
playing my guitar for them each night before bed
returning to find my angel smiling in her sleep
brought to tears at the company that I keep-
our own personal Neverland
where absent is the pain of separation
replaced only by the joy of respiration
where the world has yet to fall to ruin
and my remorse is gone for what has been my own doing-
our own personal Neverland
where the warmth that you've given me will never fade
and we revel together in the wonderful world that we've made
where a celebration of life and love is never-ending
and the fabric of our souls is no longer in need of mending-
our own personal Neverland
where I will always wait for you, my love
reminding you whenever bright stars should fall from above
that to choose this mystical world over ours was done with simplicity
for the sake of staring into your divine eyes for all eternity-
our own personal Neverland
where we dance around like constellations

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This Poems Story

This work was inspired by a truly magnificent relationship which ended tragically as a result of poor communication. The girl for whom it was written, Ewa, is now and will perhaps forever remain the love of my life, and I will cherish every single moment that I spent with her until my very last breath. Thank you for reading.