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Our Plight

By N.A.   

Physics Chemistry English Maths
Will be the reason for my early death
Not that I hate them or can’t understand then
The reason I dislike them is because of everyone’s expectations

If only I could do what I like
What I love and not be tensed for future life
It would be easy, my head would not be hazy
Because of all the formulas, derivations and equations

English is something not difficult to do
It comes easily with no learning to do
But all the formats and no use of slangs
Makes it boring in which a future is a dead end.

If only I could do Maths, without getting worried about tests
I would love to study some Physics, if I was not expected to ace it
English would then be my favourite, if the chapters were not so eighties
May be I would even take a look at Chemistry, umm.. nah, it’s then too boring and makes me sleepy

But all that said
It is not as easy as that
We are asked to clear our concepts
To study Physics, Chemistry and Maths

Manage our time and make balance in life
Everyone says it’s the last year to do the most padhai
Have patience and some strength
To do what must be done for our happy end.

Wish it was as easy as that
It’s difficult to follow advice which people lend
There’s no one to help us- we poor PCM students
Why we have to study when we want to play till the night ends?

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    This Poems Story

    It is a somewhat funny take on the main subjects that I had to study for my final year in school.