Our Puzzle Angel

She turned to wave to her mother
Whose puzzled face studied the screen
And grinned when she saw the heart beating
And said, "You really are Something!"

And God saw and said, "Please wait a minute.
I need Something with me here in Heaven
To help with all the puzzlers in question.
What seems to them a sad mistake is not for them to reason."

So Something tugged at her mother's heartstrings
And sent her a kiss for great courage
To feel a peace in the Father's hands
And a trust in His overall plan.

She was sending her mother a signal
That she would have loved in her dream to stay.
But she would never really leave her.
A bit of Something would be in her heart always.

And Something would also be in Heaven
"To relieve your puzzling questions and comfort you when you cry,
When I was waving hello to you,
God was teaching me how to fly."

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