We are not defined by weather
for it was summers touch that fated us
We met most certainly like comets in an October sky
Unaware of love at first sight
Dimmed by the light of a blue divorce
And single parenthood of sorts
Call me you said instantly this led
To that seasons question....Why?
Why didn't I have more children you asked
Why didn't your marriage last I wondered just as fast
For you are salt n pepper seasons finest
You fancied your ex as your highness
But that season is spent
You shared you cried and then
But that she was OK
Sure as the sun rose that day
Did I see your heart bleed
Very uncomfortable for me
For cupid played a trick Neither of us knew it...or did you?
Perhaps our two hearts
were thrown in a pot and slow cooked all winter
I remember Novembers wish
You my love sent a mind kiss
A prayer because Thanksgiving was there right?
I'd see you a few times to see about my car's noise
Your eyes I try to avoid
But this season is too spent
like past tuition or rent
Spring would come and I would too
If only we were in our groove
If only we could not lament
on love but just be patient and trust
We bite the apple in June
Wondering is it love in bloom
You define it as selfishness
Your list I miss despite a kiss
Was I wrong to share a view?
A fantasy that involves a zipper and you
June 1st will always be special
Juneteenth we spent together
Why did you turn away it seems
you sabotage us by blocking me
Summer is hot I feel it in vain
wrote poems of you due to pain
If it isn't love why does it hurt
Why be afraid of it why be a jerk?
The seasons we shared are like wine
And can only get finer in time
I love you with the love of the lord
Except for the touch you try to avoid
This season is curious for it is green
Full of experience that life brings
We have one truth we have a past
That sprouts new love in fresh green grass
Pot is on simmer and I can wait
For the gourmet dinner that cupid makes

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