Our Separate Ways

By Natsu   

We’ve been together for so long, but now we need to part,
For a new chapter of our lives, we are about to start,
We’ve been together for many years, but now our path has split,
Into several sections with different ends; I’ll miss you, I admit,
But this decision’s for the best, we all want different things,
And even though we’re doing fine, it’s time to spread our wings,
And soar off into the night sky, leaving our childhood behind,
For the right path we must search for and our destination we must find.

But even though we’ll go to different schools come September,
I’ll make sure I reflect on all of our good times together,
Like that time I put my tongue on the basketball net outside,
And I couldn’t get it off no matter how hard I had tried,
Or that one time in the summer, when we biked down to the beach,
And I freaked everyone out with my carefully constructed speech,
Or that time, just last year, when we all went to the park,
And we played just like children until the sky had turned dark.

Do you remember that night? The night we danced beneath the stars,
The night we basked in the moonlight, The night we tried to reach Mars,
We couldn’t do it though, we could only reach the trees,
But that didn’t stop us from trying until our toes began to freeze,
And even though we were turning into the snowmen that we build,
I couldn’t help but feel that when I was with you I was filled,
Filled with happiness and delight when I was among you all,
And that feeling won’t even begin to change when the season turns to fall.

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This Poems Story

I am graduating this year and all of my friends are going to different schools. Since the end of the school year is only a few months away, I thought writing a poem about it would be fitting.