Our Side of the River

"Mon frere/soeur" you are stepping on my neck.
My eyes have been torn from their sockets
for seeing "le pays" for what it is
the country is all fault lines
the volatility embedded in our speech
my tongue is already heavy with one colonist's language
and you want me to roll over
"et aller au lit avec" another just to prove myself
a patriot.
If I told you this isn't our only story
would you pretend to misunderstand
"ce n'est pas notre histoire complete".
my french is broken but
my spirit is not
I am still trying to reach out to you
but you spit in my palms.
If you will not grant us freedom
at least "donnez-nous du respect"
for being able to take the "restes" you throw to us
and reform our refuge.
Pinning us down will not help you soar.
You are sitting on our heads and asking us to carry you
to greatness while you cripple our legs.
Pretending our screams for equality are lost in translation
will only render disaster
Because when the bell tolls it sings for karma
in every language.

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