Our Song Through the Waves

I walked towards you with my hand reaching for yours,
At least I thought I did,
But my feet were not moving.
The tide rolled in.
I walked beside you with my hand in yours,
At least I thought I did.
My hand is empty, and you are not there.
With each wave I can hear you, faintly calling my name,
Your voice like that of the ocean on a still summer day,
The words we once spoke and felt to be true
Now play like an old song.
It plays off in the distance; it's barely a sound,
Muffled by crash of more waves coming in and out.
Now my back turned towards an ocean that I once sailed upon,
My feet begin moving, slowly, but moving each step with hope.
This time my hands are not empty; they are filled, one on each side.
And though it's not you, parts of you fill them, each showing a piece-
They, the memory of our journey, one not to regret.
And though my heart is heavy like the rocks in the sea,
Through them, our love is like the wind that will always exist
Off in the distance, past the waves, towards our song.
The sun peeks through, not a lot, just enough,
And it shines upon each of their beautiful faces
To remind us there was love.

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