Our Story

From the beginning, it was you.
My whole life was exciting and new.

You showed me how love should be.
You accepted who I was, just being me.

I never pretended to be something I'm not.
I didn't have to because, I was with Scott.

We had a few close calls, because we took many chances.
It's a wonder we didn't get more strange glances.

On more than a few back roads, we marked our spot.
Every time we were together, you made me so dam hot.

Mistakes were made, lessons were learned.
That special place in my heart, you surely have earned.

Choices have brought us to where we are.
Some days the journey doesn't seem that far.

You are finally happy and my heart is glad.
If you weren't after everything, I'd be heartbroken.sad.

I thank you with my whole heart for the bad & the good.
Don't ever forget... I love you...Understood?

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