Our Story

A quiet place exists at the center of everything
at the center of you and me

but it is more like a rhythm than a place

a tangible rhythm
pulsing through our hearts like a familiar story

carried in our blood and bones
a story we’ve always known

our story has been told in ancient tongues

in the language of trees conversing with the heavens,
roots messengers, sending their wisdom through a billion
pathways, deep into the heart of the earth

sung by the moon beckoning the ocean
and by snakes dancing their birth

it has been spoken by lions, the sun gods
who walk with whole stars in their chests

passed down by healers
painted on cave walls
dispersed by fire, rock, and stream

pick up a handful of dirt
from anywhere on this earth
hold the tender particles to your ear
and listen

you will hear familiar whispers and laughter
the tiny atoms trembling with voice
telling our story so that they might dance to its music

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