Our Story

I see you, and then we meet
Your mind is what I seek.
Right by your side, I see her there
But I don't mind, I don't care.
You pull away, I depart
We never speak, years apart.
Travel the world, it's my stage
Work at day, by night I rage.
I came, I saw, then I return
Seek you out, I'll never learn.
Here we go once again,
My heart, my love, and my friend.
She lays beside you in your bed,
I wait alone for you instead.
Long days, endless nights,
Riding around the city lights.
One in the same, but worlds apart,
I have your mind, you have my heart.
Together were lawless, our flaws make us flawless.
Our words so thoughtless, inside were heartless.
Your damage, your negativity.
My fears, my insecurities.
All or nothing is what we show
What's between us I finally know.
From each other we can't escape
No closed doors, no locked gates.
It's over for now, no need for goodbye
I'll see you soon my beautiful lie.

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