Our symphony

It had been six days, twenty three hours
and forty minutes by my invisible wrist watch.
I was on the same couch this time before,
with the same heart and same pain.
What defines this bond?
I had been asking myself and reached nowhere.
Is it only having them around?
Or hanging in there, my dreams?
My dreams? Yes! I found them,
and it's been this time long.
I see my soul smiling with their smile,
in the same uniform and Symphony.
Where do you see yourself?
I? Lost; lost in those eyes,
that giggles happiness and cries.
I cry in their eyes smiling.
I find myself their eyes.
I am burning in their vain; and they see this.
If they say this morning is dark, it is.
This soul is so deep into theirs.
But counting onto fifty one, I find them lost.
Or is it just me?
My mind plays game with me,
and I? Lost.

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