Our Time

The past is the past,
the new is the beginning,
now everything is turning,
our lives is changing,
and we have our lives to start living,
moments like this has it's hold,
we are strong,
we will make it through any thick or thin horrible storm,
our battling lives are almost over,
finally we can breathe again now that these bad times are over,
no more praying that bad things would end,
it's our time our chance to live again,
a glimpse of the distant future i hope will happen,
our face's old and wrinkly and still full of passion,
knowing we have a few more hours to go,
we lay there side by side holding each other until our time goes,
i will wait by the gates in heaven,
i will wait for you as long as it takes,
my heart is still with you forever and god knows it's fate,
my hand reaches out to you as you take my hand,
lets walk towards the light together hand in hand.

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