What is happening to our world today?
It just isn’t the same
We used to be creative for our future
Now we’re destroying what we’ve created
And giving someone else the blame
The loss of control of our government
There is still racism and the closing down
of our businesses and schools
This Corona Virus that has gotten way out of control
We look at life in bits in pieces
When we should also look at it as a whole
What has happened to our humanity, our faith in the Lord
or shooting hoops at the park
Now we have street petitioners, more unemployment, more homelessness
as well as curfews,
where you have to be inside after dark
Our courthouses and government building all have been boarded up
and closed throughout our towns
Because of the thought getting justice, just burn it or tear it down
Black and white, we need to get it right,
there is a difference between right and wrong
We need to help each other as human beings
and stand together and be strong
It doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is
We are all human beings, woman and man
Try to remember we are going to make mistakes
But we should try to think positive and do the best we can
I know we can be and are better than this
we’re only hurting ourselves and making things worse
by acting and not thinking things through and through
there might people out there that are smarter, faster, wealthier
but you should know, no one is better than you.

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