Out Go the Lights..

Like a bullet shot from a gun.
Words from hateful lips can destroy anyone.
Just imagine those words filled with so much hate.
Blasting out and smacking you dead in your face.
Think about this,no one there to stand by your side.
All alone, singled out nowhere to hide.
Do you feel it, all the pain your words have caused?
Can you see them, the souls of those your words have crossed.
Lost to the verbal abuse inflicted on them.
Never to become what they should have been.
Now it's your turn to feel all of that shame.
Stop looking around for someone else to blame.
You were so strong with your words of hate.
Now it's time to set your punk ass straight!
Hear that sound, that one big BANG!
That was that gun that one of those souls bought yesterday.
He had no WORDS for your ass, he don't play that way.
As you go deaf, and the dark fills in.
You hear your own words, those words of sin.
Now you think about it, those words that weren't right.
Too late it's over and BOOM!! OUT GO THE LIGHTS....

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