Out of A Dark Place


Hello, good bye, speak to me; don't talk to me.
Awake on the verge of split personality.
Happy, sad, up, down, open, close, excited, and shut up!
Oh the mind the mind, what's happening to the mind, so corrupt.

The whispers of what to do next with every move she makes.
Did you hear that? What? Oh, the mind, the mind quakes!
The voices, right and wrong, argumentatively goes on relentlessly,
Although she seeks an escape, some peace of mind tremendously.

Ohhhh, the noise, the noise, sometimes she's crying and screaming
But never does it accomplish silencing the annoyance of anything.
In life, the misunderstood peak of unfortunate circumstances recurring
Not understanding her alter personalities boundaries stay at a blurring.

To this sweet innocent mind, the voices awake and speak in velocity,
There is a kind, brave, smart, beautiful driven love behind this atrocity.
Above these voices, beyond what's seen, a beautiful girl, undeniable,
In herself, as she was one, she is truly amazing, once a known infallible.

But the voice have invaded her innermost being, she could become questionable,
Regardless of her sweet beautiful being, could her demons be acceptable.
Oh the mind the mind, what misery, the confusing fuss she must live daily misery,
We, they, us, she, must know every day; prayer - that God is our artillery!
By: Tiffani N

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