Out of Orbit

A lonely star is slowly dying, No fuel left to keep on trying.
A reason not to truly fall, may be the one thing to save his all.
But reason has left, no hope is in sight. He has truly stepped out of the light.
Into the shadows, the depths of hell, taken fast in an earthly swell.
With high expectations of how to live life. Get a job.. go to school.... marry a wife.
To make babies and carry on tradition. To give it your all, your very best rendition.
But even these things instilled since birth, will not, cannot, show us our true worth.
We try so hard to please our senses, We forget to stop and see through our lenses.
That real beauty, is More than appearance. It is heart and mind. Soul and perseverance.
Maybe there is still time to change the future. To walk the path and rip the suture.
Or maybe. Just maybe. I fade and fall, for I am out of orbit after all.

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