Out of Reach

Caught up in time when "It" appears
Stuck in a state of rapture
Gazing with a stare of awe
A higher power resides
As your understanding of life disperses
You now know what many do not
There is an ever-present action of change
Never ceasing to follow behind
Just when you think you understand existence
It all seems to slip from your grasp of thought
Floating just beyond your reach of comprehension
You realize that it isn't mean to be understood
When "It" shows itself to you, all will be realized
You will know what many claim to know
The meaning of life itself
You may drain life of all its fruits
Or you may let it wither and die
No matter what, one thing is true
The choice is up to you to make
You must decide what path to take in this journey known as life
Whether it is the right decision, that is for you to judge

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