Out the Window

"Sputter, clank," the engine starts, the road awaits us.
I look out the window
Down at the yellow lines zipping past,
Up at the blue cloudy sky.

Red light we stop, green we go,
We creep like a turtle when the light turns yellow.
Traffic starts, blaring horns fill the air.
Everything is still.
We speed along again, everything in a blur;
In a blink everything I see is gone,
Something new in its place.

The sky is dark, the sun is gone.
"Splat, splat," the drops come in a fury.
The rain is starting.
I hear the whooshing of the wipers,
And I hear the rain pounding on the roof.

The car slows, it stops.
We are here.
The drive is over,
But I know when I come back,
The window awaits me.

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