Tell me something. .why is it that when man makes a mistake thats all that is shown
They see more wrong than they see right and their mind set on the fact that nothing has changed nothing has grown
Everything doesn't have to be one way
See that's whats wrong with this cruel world today
People think just because someone say that's wrong that it's something you're forbidden to do
You should sit down and think because those things yu believe in was hand written. man once thought those words through
Some people say that not everything written is always true
But did yu forget that the bible was hand written too
Remember that game where someone starts a rumor but by the end of the line it was something new
Noone knows the truth but the person who started these rumors we pursue
Everything yu read hear and say is just a rumor yu overheard or someone told to yu
Just remember everything yu hear and say someone once said too
But that doesn't mean it's true nor the right or wrong thing to do

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