Outcast Of The World

I've always been a outcast of the World.

Since day one of my birth.
Different from many, the pain I've always received hurt me the worst.

Me and Misery always was alike, weeping with tears from both sides of our eyes.

Guess we're one, no stranger between the lines.

All we know is affliction causing trouble, to numb the pain we feeling inside.

I ask this question, `why'? I it lingers through my mind.

I am a notorious sinner fill with guiltness of the blood I shed I seen the sign.

In the beginning I was a rebellious child, fight without truly making amends.

With the truth I try to avoid dodging and hiding.

Running in the hands of misery that kill, steal, and destroy.

Everytime my heart beats it feels, like the four corner wall in a cage talking to me.

But pain come to visit me right on time always.

To nurture my anger watering to grow higher, with seducing words of bondage.

We will always remain outcast remember the facts.

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This Poems Story

Many people feel as if pain is their only friend. Do to the fact that society and other are unable to understand them. Pain said Because we're different. The one who take the time with us is pain but in reality it killing us slowly